About Us


Who We Are

A team of content curators and creators
A community of young changemakers
A social enterprise
A platform for good


Meet people where they are.
It’s the little things that make life big.
Doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way (:



Frequently Asked Questions

+ You guys make videos. Are you a video production house?

Yes. We do make videos! But we are more than a video production house. We are a content channel and platform, and we release new content every week. We also only take on projects that have a social impact or angle.

+ You seem to work with a diverse group of youth. I am looking for a community that I can be part of. Can I join you?

Yes you can! You can sign up to be a Hoodie here to be part of our community. We have monthly open community meetings called Thankful Thursdays on every 3rd Thursday of the month, and other ongoing events like our Hoodie Academy and Hoodie Hangouts. That being said, while we do our best to support our community, please keep in mind that we are not trained counsellors or mental health professionals.

+ I really like your work! Can you help us make a video for free?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you make a video for free. We are a social enterprise, and we believe in the importance of doing good and being sustainable. In order for us to create more social impact, we need to sustain our day-to-day operations and ensure that our Creative Director can feed his 5-year-old son. That being said, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaborations, and we’re always happy to explore how we can work together. So regardless of the size of your budget (or lack thereof), let’s talk! Drop us an email at info@thehiddengood.com and we would love to see what we can do together.

+ Are you guys a charity? How do you make money?

We are not a charity – we are a social enterprise and a for-purpose organisation. We channel our profits back into the organisation to develop more community programmes and grow our impact. Our revenue comes from working with our partners on develop content and community engagement initiatives. Check out this link to see more of our projects and this link to find out how you can work with us!

Meet the Team


How we began

We believe that there’s so much more good we can do when we do it together.

The Hidden Good started as a social movement in response to the increasing negativity and apathy online. Two boys, Rovik and Leon, whilst serving their National Service, stood on a crowded train and wondered why people were so afraid to sit in a reserved seat. Was it for fear of being judged or having their picture taken and going viral for the wrong reasons?

Motivated by the growing negativity online, they decided: “Enough. We are tired of hearing about everything that’s going wrong in the world, and it’s time to take ownership of the world we want to live in and find what’s right.”

So they created our very first hidden camera Social Experiment, All Tied Up. When put to test, they were able to capture the good that was happening, instead of just focusing on what was going wrong.

And just like that, The Hidden Good was born.

Since then, we’ve grown into a sustainable community and organisation. We officially incorporated in 2014 and became a registered social enterprise with raiSE Singapore (https://www.raise.sg/). We have a strong and diverse community of almost 700 youth who are fondly referred to as Hoodies. We work with creative agencies, government agencies, brands, schools, foundations, non-profits and social enterprises, to make the good in this world less hidden.



We don’t see this just as a job,
but ultimately as a calling.

Based in Singapore, we tell impactful stories from all around Asia. Our team comprises of people from diverse backgrounds (video production, social enterprise, marketing, education, community development etc). What brings us together is the common goal: to make the good in this world less hidden.

The meaning and fulfilment we find in our roles far outweighs the challenges we overcome to grow and build this community. Which is why our mindset is geared towards advancing our impact by creating results and being accountable to each other, our community and partners. Needless to say, a sound understanding of our business principles and a deep acknowledgement and connection with the social need has kept us going strong.

We also have an incredibly supportive board - who have helped us figure out how to balance the business and social aspects of the work we do. Our very committed and passionate interns help us with our everyday work and enable us to see life and projects in a different way.

And of course, our diverse and wonderful community of Hoodies who are the glue to the work we do.