As Partners, not Clients


At The Hidden Good – we believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. Which is why we always refer to our partners as partners – never as clients. It might just be semantics, but it changes the way we see each other, and the way we operate and work together.


 Let us help you

Connect, Create & Collaborate

Yes, we make videos, we run events, we create campaigns - but we are so much more than your regular inspired creators! Through collective progressions we create content, facilitations and campaigns that are unique and distinctive to our partners. Our content platform, our community, and our creativity are what make us different.

Let us help you connect with the people you want to reach. Because we create content with the community -  we help you create content and experiences that are innovative, relevant, and meaningful.

Our service offerings include:


Social Impact Campaigns & Storytelling

Curate relevant content and create lasting impressions through:

Video production and storytelling

Photo series and narrative building

Articles and publication

Experience Curation & Event Activation

Curate events that champion your cause and make people pay attention

Events and community activation

Pop-up experiences

Social experiments

Community Engagement & Education

Curate relevant content and create lasting impressions through:



Social media


Creative Consultancy & Capacity Building

Appreciate audience needs and customize engagement strategy through:

Deep dives and consultation

Capacity building workshops

Content Strategy

What people say about us

 Our Partners

Our Partners: working together for social good and social impact

We are part of a dynamic network.

In the bustling town of Toa Payoh, located in the central region of Singapore, The Hidden Good shares our modern 9,673.2 sqft residence, Corridor, with our many sister companies. Along our creative corridor, neighbours rub shoulders, have friendly banter, and exchange ideas, expertise and resources along the way. Other than video production, our collaborations and partnerships place us at the forefront of various media industries, including web design and development, campaigns, sound production, animation, motion and print graphics, as well as social media content creation.

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